As we approach the culmination of our journey through effective tax resolution, the spotlight falls on the fifth and final ‘C’ – Competency. For a more in-depth exploration of this critical aspect, I invite you to delve into another session titled “Selecting a Tax Resolution Expert: Sharpen Your IRS Spear with These Five Tips.”

Let’s explore the intricate web of competencies required by tax experts to successfully navigate the intricate waters of tax debt removal, reduction, and resolution. This consideration extends to the cost associated with accessing such expertise. First and foremost, engaging in a DIY approach – whether it involves home repairs, plumbing fixes, or tax matters – offers the advantage of evading the risk of overpaying for unsatisfactory services. When you take the reins, you’re in control of what you’re getting, avoiding potential disappointments or unmet expectations.

One challenge that often plagues professional services, including those offered by doctors, lawyers, and tax experts, is the inability to guarantee absolute success. While a doctor can’t guarantee a complication-free delivery or a lawyer a certain legal victory, they often rely on their experience and track record to instill confidence. However, in the realm of tax resolution, contingent arrangements – where payment hinges on success – are not permissible. Thus, the competency you seek from a tax expert should be scrutinized based on their background, expertise, and reputation. Remember, while guarantees might be elusive, the right blend of skills and experience can set you on a path toward effective tax resolution.

Kelly Coughlin, CPA,

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